Clearwaters is an environmentally friendly footwear brand designed & developed in the United Kingdom, and manufactured in Spain in fair working conditions. The shoe industry is one of the largest industrial contributors to climate change & we have made it our mission to revolutionise it.

As a brand we are passionate & committed to helping fight the rise of plastic pollution. Each product is developed from nothing but 'post conumer' recycled plastic waste, sustainable natural rubber and organic cotton (GOTS)

Our first development is a minimalist Scandinavian inspired slipper, with each component designed with our planets health in mind. We’ve worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between sustainability and accessibility. What good are sustainable products if they’re so expensive that most people can’t afford them?

Don’t buy bottles. Wear them.

Simplicity in Design

We believe that relaxation should be made simple

So our slippers are minimalistic by design

With a splash of colour added to the sole